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Kelly Industrial Supply, Inc. is an industrial wholesale distributor whose

main purpose is to provide our customers with high quality products,

competitive pricing, and outstanding service. Our commitment to

building long-term customer relationships is our goal.

We are completely committed to providing our customers the highest level

of service possible. Kelly Industrial Supply, Inc. will provide all on-site

service and support, order and replenish stock, and set up storage bins and

cabinets. We will also develop controlled customer inventory programs

that maintain parts organized while monitoring your inventory needs.

Our sales representatives will listen to your requests and concerns while

making your priorities ours by reducing overall purchasing costs, down

time and increase productivity. Meeting our customers’ expectations is

the reason we exist.

For over 25 years, we have supplied standard and specialty products to

our value and loyal customer base. We have built our company with great

people, integrity, and positive ideals along with a business philosophy and

work ethic.

Owners Tom Kelly (far right) and Wendy Kelly (far left) with their employees (left to right) Alex, Tyler, Nicole, Samantha,

Michael, Drew, Danielle, Mike, Carla, Timmy, and Jeremy.